quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2009

(credo... tão verdadeiro :P )

You Are Apple Pie

When you're stressed out, you crave the company of those you love.

Your comfort food is likely to be something you cook and share with others.

In fact, stress often causes you to cook like crazy... even when you're not hungry.

Taking care of people often wears you down, but it's also the thing that energizes you.

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lebredoarrozal disse...

You Are Chocolate
When you're stressed out, you crave intense pleasure.
And you're willing to skip a proper meal and proceed directly to the food you like best.

You find solace in hedonism and luxury. You tend to turn your nose up at most traditional comfort foods.
Somewhat surprisingly, trying a new food (especially a new type of chocolate) can be the most comforting thing for you.


margarete disse...

tb poderia ser chocolate :P

Bábá disse...

You Are Potato Chips

When you're stressed out, you seek food that is quick and easy.
Life is pretty overwhelming at times, so you prefer comfort food that you can just grab and eat.

You're the type of person who takes on too much, and you don't have a lot of free time.
So even when you have junk food as a meal, you're just thankful that you had any time to eat at all.